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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaser! Giveaways! Can you feel the love?

All right, guys. I am ready for next Tuesday. Sort of. Okay, I’m not.
But I hope you all are!

Here is another little sneak peek at Cursive:

He waited her out. He had to. She needed to do this. He had counted one hundred and ten heartbeats before she finally spoke.

"I'm trying not to love you," she whispered, her eyes closed off to him. 

His heart took off running almost as fast as hers and a rush of adrenaline shot through his body.

Don't stop there. Say something else. Please.

"But I do." She opened her eyes, and he was surprised to see they were full of determination. 

And love. Lots of love.

"My brave girl," he said with an exhale and reached up to touch her cheek. His chest wanted to explode with love for her.

About the giveaway…

My goal is to reach 200 likes on my author’s Facebook page by May 14th, the book release date. I will be picking a random name from the likes on the page and the comments I get on this blog. The lucky winner will receive a copy of the e-book.

Now, go click on stuff… and send me a comment.
I’m easily entertained.

Bye lovelies,


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