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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whirlwind Week!

Hi all!

I’ve had the best 10 days of my life—Cursive went live and the reviews and feedback coming back from readers has made my heart sing and my face light up. It has been the best part of this whole process!

Visit the blogs below to read their reviews of Cursive and go like their FB pages. There are a few giveaways going on that include free copies of the book, so check those out as well.

Also, Cursive is now LIVE on iBooks. Although it nearly killed me, I was able to survive the process of uploading it. It is also available on Amazon, B&N and Kobo.

Lots of exciting things are coming thanks to the help and support of some amazing women in the blogging universe. Want a clue?

It starts with "B" and ends with "–log Tour!"

And if you see the girls from LoveNBooks or Elizabeth from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews , please smooch them from me. I heart those girls and they love getting inappropriate kisses from strangers.


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